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Dermatologist Formulated

UnTangled Hair Supplement

UnTangled Hair Supplement

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UnTangled Hair Growth Supplement is proven to stimulate hair growth from the inside out. With our proprietary and dermatologist-formulated blend of vitamins, minerals, herbs and acids, this daily supplement helps revitalize a stagnant hair growth cycle by increasing the production of keratin in hair follicles for visibly thicker, fuller hair. Works great for both men & women and comes with a 60 day supply of supplements.

    Why it’s Different

    • Proven hair growth ingredients
    • Evidenced patient results
    • Science-backed proprietary blend
    • Works for both women & men
    • Only 2 capsules daily
    • Does not cause shedding

    Key Benefits

    • Supplements to help with hair loss, thinning & shedding
    • Proven to start revitalizing hair growth after 30 days
    • Visibly improves hair fullness, strength and health
    • Provides micro-nutrients to nourish hair follicles
    • Proven high-quality ingredients in one capsule
    • For best results use in tandem with our Hair Serum

    How to Use

    • Take (2) capsules daily, preferably one in the morning and the evening, each with an 8 oz. glass of water.
    • Make sure to stay consistent with your dosage to see the best improvement.
    • Do not exceed the recommended dosage.


    • UnTangled provides 100% of the Recommended Daily Allowance of Iron (18 mg) and Vitamin A (5,000 iu). Unless a physician recommends otherwise, do not exceed this amount. (See FDA recommended daily allowances.)
    • If you are taking other medications or supplements, it is recommended to discuss with your doctor or pharmacists before taking. We also do not recommend taking UnTangled during pregnancy.
    • Keep out of the reach of children.

    What it Helps

    Any type of hair loss from a variety of conditions may benefit from using UnTangled:
    • male pattern baldness
    • hormonal imbalance
    • nutrient deficiencies
    • stress or trauma (a shock to the hair follicles)
    • extreme haircare or hair treatments
    • family history - hereditary issues
    • medical conditions including thyroid problems, lupus, diabetes, anemia
    • bacterial or fungal infections
    • auto immune disorders including scarring and non-scarring alopecia
    • postnatal

    What to Expect

    After 30 Days

    You’ll notice slight growth in hair (and nails!) Maintain your regimen to last through your hair’s natural shedding cycle to assess improvement.

    After 90 Days
    Hair feels fuller and stronger! Long-term use is safe and recommended for best results. Reducing dosage may show a slow down in hair growth.

    Dermatologist Do’s and Don’ts

    The Do’s

    • Use consistently as the steady influx of nutrients helps to accelerate hair growth.
    • Take in combination with Hair Serum for the best results.
    • Lower stress and consider lifestyle habits as they can greatly affect hair growth and cause shedding.
    • Increase scalp blood flow and reduce tension with massage and exercise.
    The Don’ts

    • Don’t neglect protein in your diet as your body requires proteins to build tissue cells for hair, skin and nails.
    • Avoid harsh hair treatments (heating), dye and bleaching, tight hairstyles to reduce inflammation on the scalp.
    • Don’t wait! As soon as you notice more hair shedding than usual it’s time to take action.

    Why Choose an UnTangled Subscription

    • Maintain the results you have achieved and stay consistent
    • Never worry about running out! 
    • Get 15% built-in savings and free shipping with every delivery 
    • Pause, change or cancel anytime
    • Recommended for returning customers
    • Discount codes are not applicable to subscription orders
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    What to expect from UnTangled

    After 30 Days

    You’ll notice slight growth in hair (and nails!) Maintain your regimen to last through your hair’s natural shedding cycle to assess improvement.

    After 90 Days

    Hair feels fuller and stronger! Long-term use is safe and recommended for best results. Reducing your dosage, is possible for maintenance mode, but you may see a slow down in hair growth.


    This has become my go to supplement.
    Patients are excited by the growth and increased
    fullness they see at their follow up visits at

    90 DAYS

    Ingredients Matter

    100% drug free with no fillers. Only proven ingredients engineered by a dermatologist and compounding pharmacist to provide a nutrient foundation that supports the hair follicle and helps accelerate a healthy hair growth cycle.

    Complete Ingredient List

    Marine Collagen
    Provides vital building blocks for hair growth
    Vitamin A
    Antioxidant, fighting cell damage and more
    Vitamin E
    Promotes scalp health, protects hair from damage
    Horsetail Extract
    A natural conditioner that also stimulates hair growth
    Biotin (Vitamin B7)
    Aids sebum production to keep hair from breaking
    Vitamin C
    Builds collagen, maintains hair strength
    Vitamin D-3
    Stimulates new and old hair follicles
    Folic Acid (Vitamin B9)
    Encourages red blood cell production and helps maintain circulation
    Boosts circulation and carries oxygen to hair roots
    Essential for producing thyroid hormones that help regulate hair growth
    Vital role in DNA and RNA production important to hair regrowth
    Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5)
    Synthesizes proteins and fats to support and repair hair structure
    Saw Palmetto
    Helps block DHT hormone; anti-inflammatory properties protect hair follicles

    Customer Reviews

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    Can I regrow my hair where there has been significant hair loss?

    As long as the follicle is intact, there is hope. The earlier we try to wake them back up the better.

    What is DHT hormone?

    DHT is dihydrotestosterone. This is the most potent form of testosterone in the body. It is very important in male sexual development, but is also responsible for the thinning that men (and women) experience. The enzyme responsible for this conversion (5-alpha-reductase) is expressed mainly in the male gonads and prostate, but is also present in the hair follicles.

    Whether I start or stop UnTangled, will my hair shed?

    This all depends on the cause of your hair loss, but generally no. Shedding is common in patients who stop using Minoxidil. UnTangled, however is designed to provide the building blocks for healthy hair growth. That being said, we encourage patients to continue so the benefits continue.

    Are there any additives to the UnTangled hair supplement?

    No, there’s actually no room left in that capsule for fillers!

    Can I use UnTangled with other supplements?

    Yes actually we designed it so that it should be compatible with multivitamins and pretty much most other supplements. Too much Vitamin A can actually cause hair loss so that’s part of why we stayed within USRDA recommendations for a lot of ingredients where we knew people could go to other sources, so they could mix it with their multivitamin etc. It was engineered for that.

    If you had to pick one, which is more effective UnTangled or the Hair Serum?

    If you are going to use one or the other we recommend you do the pills because I that’s where we see the most gains in patients. Most people are subtly deficient in a lot of micronutrients, and if you don't have the building blocks for hair growth, your body is not going to make hair. We do recommend to use them together though for best results.

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