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Foundation Skincare

Hair Serum

Hair Serum

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A custom blend of proven ingredients that can help hair loss, without Minoxidil. Nourishes hair follicles to encourage new growth and prevent further hair loss. Patients have shown improvement within 30 days and visible results within as little as 3 months.

      Why we’re different

      • Minoxidil free alternative
      • Safe for long-term use
      • Nourishes hair cuticle
      • Does not cause shedding
      • Leave-in, fast drying
      • High quality ingredients

      Key Benefits

      • Recommended for hair loss, thinning or shedding
      • Engineered for those unable to tolerate Minoxidil
      • Proven to stimulate hair stem cells and root
      • Visably improves hair fullness, strength and health
      • For best results use with UnTangled Hair Supplement

      How to Use

      • Apply on dry hair, morning and evening preferably after shampooing and before any other hair products. We suggest washing hair ever other day to avoid hair breakage and drying the scalp.
      • We recommend using 3-5 drops for the first week, and working up to 15 drops per application, to test sensitivity and to become accustomed to the serum’s ultra stimulating effect.
      • To apply, slightly tilt your head back and place each drop, an inch or so apart, on to the skin (not hair) on hair loss areas to start and eventually over your entire scalp – hair loss isn’t always within your line of sight!
      • Gently massage each drop into the scalp as you go, moving your fingers in a circular pattern for just a few seconds. It dries quickly! You’ll feel a tingly sensation.
      • Leave-in Hair Serum is oil-based, but won’t stain or leave an oily residue with an subtle herbal-fresh scent.
      • Make sure to stay consistent with your applications and pair with UnTangled hair supplement to see the best improvement. Once desired hair growth is achieved, you can reduce to using it once a day for maintenance.

      What it Helps

      Any type of hair loss from a variety of conditions may benefit from using UnTangled:
      • male pattern baldness
      • hormonal imbalance
      • nutrient deficiencies
      • stress or trauma (a shock to the hair follicles)
      • extreme haircare or hair treatments
      • family history or hereditary issues
      • medical conditions including thyroid problems, lupus, diabetes, anemia
      • bacterial or fungal infections
      • auto immune disorders including alopecia
      • postnatal

      What to Expect

      After 30 days
      Look for light fuzz-like hair growth at the roots, scalp, edges, and hairline. For dark hair, you may see tiny dark specks or “shadow” indicating that follicles are in the active phase of regrowth.

      After 3 months - Best results milestone!
      New hair is super soft, fine and has a visibly healthy shine. Over time, you should find it’s stronger more abundant and will grow at an accelerated rate.

      Dermatologist Do’s and Don’ts

      The Do’s

      • Lower stress and consider lifestyle habits as they can greatly effect hair growth and cause shedding
      • Increase scalp blood flow and reduce tension with massage and exercise
      • Take in combination with UnTangled hair supplement for best results

      The Don’ts

      • Don’t neglect protein in your diet as your body requires proteins to build tissue cells for hair, skin and nails
      • Avoid harsh hair treatments (heating), dye and bleaching, tight hairstyles to reduce inflammation on the scalp
      • Don’t layer retinoids or other acids with azelaic acid. Separate and use one in the morning, and the other at night
      • Don’t wait! As soon as you notice more hair shedding than usual it’s time to take action
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      Recommended Routine
      for Hair Loss & Thinning

      Provides vital micro-nutrients to revitalize a stagnant hair growth cycle.
      Nourishes hair follicles to promote new growth and prevent further loss.


      Our Hair Serum doesn’t cause shedding and irriation
      many find with Minoxidil, with visible results in

      30 DAYS

      What to expect from Hair Serum

      Start with 1-3 drops and build up to 15 over your entire scalp. You’ll notice its tingling, ultra stimulating effect!

      After 30 Days

      Look for light fuzz-like hair growth at the roots, scalp, edges, and hairline. For dark hair, you may see tiny dark specks or “shadow” indicating that follicles are in the active phase of regrowth.

      After 3 Months – Best Results Milestone!

      New hair is super soft, fine, feels fuller and has a visibly healthy shine. Over time, you should fi nd it’s stronger, more abudant and will grow faster.

      Customer Reviews

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      What does Hair Serum do for your hair?

      The Foundation Skincare Hair Serum focuses on stem cells and the hair root to stimulate hair growth. In addition, it nourishes the cuticles to avoid breakage.

      Can I use Hair Serum every day?

      For optimal results, use it twice a day. 

      Which ingredients in Hair Serum help my hair grow?

      The Foundation Skincare Hair Serum contains an antioxidant and growth factor peptide, designed to stimulate hair stem cells without the ingredient Minoxidil, which is found in other hair growth products.

      How long does it take to see results in hair growth?

      With consistent use, you will notice new growth after about 30 days. After 90 days new hair is soft and shiny. Over time, the new hair is visibly fuller and thicker. Maximum results are usually achieved after 6 months of consistent use. These results can be improved if you use UnTangled together with the Foundation Skincare Hair Serum.

      What are the benefits of Hair Serum?

      The Foundation Skincare Hair Serum stimulates hair growth while nourishing the existing cuticle. 

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