UnTangled Hair Supplements vs Foundation Hair Serum: Differences, Similarities & Can They Be Used Together?

UnTangled Hair Supplements vs Foundation Hair Serum: Differences, Similarities & Can They Be Used Together?

Entering into the world of hair growth products can be daunting. Among the endless sea of options, finding a product that is both reasonably priced and actually effective can be a challenge. 

There’s also a variety of different causes of hair loss (including nutritional deficiencies, stress, hormonal fluctuations, medical conditions, and alopecia), and many solutions on the market don’t take a well-rounded approach to addressing hair thinning from multiple angles. In order to fill that gap, Dr. Nuara has created two expertly formulated products: the Foundation Skincare UnTangled Hair Supplement and the Foundation Skincare Hair Serum

Of course, one of the first questions customers ask is what makes our products stand apart. In this quick guide, we’ll see how these remedies stack up against each other, and how they can help you work toward achieving a fuller head of hair. 

What is Foundation Skincare’s UnTangled Hair Supplement?

The Foundation Skincare UnTangled Hair Supplement is a drug-free solution carefully crafted with ingredients that help support visibly thicker hair. Clinically proven vitamins, minerals, acids, and herbs help nourish the hair follicles and increase keratin production to revitalize the hair growth cycle and encourage hair strength and density. 

Ingredients like marine collagen, vitamin C, and horsetail extract give the body the building blocks it needs for healthy and strong hair growth. Folic acid and iron also support circulation to nourish follicles, while vitamins A and E help provide protection against damaging free radicals. At the same time, saw palmetto helps reduce dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone that is commonly responsible for thinning in both men and women.1 

Nutritional deficiencies also play a large role in hair loss. With that in mind, this formula contains some of the most common vitamins and minerals (including iron, biotin, zinc, selenium, and vitamin D) that are known to be connected to hair loss when not in balance.2 

What is Foundation Skincare’s Hair Serum?

The Foundation Skincare Hair Serum is a non-prescription topical solution that’s particularly well-suited for those who don’t tolerate (or otherwise don’t want to use) Minoxidil. This quick-drying serum is made with potent antioxidants, a growth factor peptide, and additional ingredients (including saw palmetto, sodium DNA, niacin, and apple stem cells) that stimulate stem cells and the hair root to help encourage hair growth. At the same time, it nourishes the hair cuticles, which helps minimize breakage. 

Minoxidil-based solutions have a risk of causing irritation, and often trigger shedding at first – a side effect that is understandably worrisome to those looking to treat hair loss. The Foundation Skincare Hair Serum was designed with quality ingredients that help support hair growth and overall health without aggravating the skin or activating an initial period of hair shedding. 

Differences and Similarities

Foundation Skincare’s Hair Serum and UnTangled Hair Supplement have plenty in common, including the fact that they’re suitable for both men and women and are safe for long-term use. Each of these solutions contain expertly chosen ingredients that complement each other to tackle hair loss tied to a range of conditions and triggers, including hormonal imbalances, stress, male pattern baldness, postnatal changes, and scarring and non-scarring alopecia. 

Both products lead to visible results in about 90 days. We recommend using them together for the best results.

Of course, it’s important to also note how they differ. Beyond the obvious difference in how these hair loss treatments are used (topically versus orally), there are variations as to exactly how they tackle thinning hair. 

The supplement targets root causes of thinning by addressing some of the most common nutrient deficiencies while also giving the body additional support to revitalize the hair growth cycle and encourage follicle health. On the other hand, the serum works directly at the source, stimulating the stem cells to help promote new growth. At the same time, it prevents future loss and breakage by nourishing the follicles and cuticles. 

Despite these differences, both of these dermatologist-formulated treatments ultimately help support hair and scalp health to encourage the growth of stronger, fuller hair. When used in tandem, these powerful remedies help tackle hair loss and thinning at multiple angles to provide the best and most visible results.

Benefits Of Using Them Together (+ How To Do So)

Using the Foundation Skincare Hair Supplement and Hair Serum together is completely safe – and actually encouraged. For the best results, simply take two capsules of the supplement per day, and evenly distribute the serum on the scalp twice a day. 

Since these solutions target thinning from different angles, using them in tandem can help you create a well-rounded, highly effective regime for fighting thinning and encouraging growth. With the supplement, you’ll ensure your body has the building blocks it needs to re-energize the hair growth cycle. At the same time, the serum will help stimulate growth at the source while supporting hair cuticle health. 

Perhaps most importantly, both of these solutions are reasonably priced so that you can continue to use them in the long-term for continued hair health. With regular use, these Foundation Skincare remedies can help you achieve and maintain denser, stronger hair with decreased shedding. 

If you’d like more guidance on steps you can take to holistically support and improve your hair, skin, and nails, take a look at our blog

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