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Skincare Guide Based On Your Skin Type

Healthy skin is in style in every season, and finding the right skincare products to match your skin type is key. 

Read on to find out why skincare is especially important during seasonal changes, learn how to choose products based on skin type, and find out what it means to customize your skincare routine.   

Importance of Skincare in Every Season

Each season brings its own set of challenges to our skin. Cold weather, indoor heating, and the stress of holiday preparations during winter months can take a toll, while summer months may cause excess sweating and clogged pores. Proper skincare not only enhances our appearance throughout the year but also plays a crucial role in maintaining skin health.

In addition to getting regular facials, following a nutritious diet, protecting your skin from the sun, and managing your stress levels, incorporating the latest science-backed ingredients to your skincare routine is crucial. Don’t let busyness get in the way of your health, including the health of the biggest organ in your body: your skin. 

Skincare Guide For Your Skin Type

Whether you have oily skin, dry skin, or a little bit of both, our skincare guide includes products that will help you address your skin concerns with dermatologist-formulated solutions available without a prescription. 

For those with Oily Skin

Oily skin is the result of excess sebum (oil) production, which can clog pores and lead to breakouts. Besides sunscreen with SPF 30+ (ideally 50+), which should be part of any skincare routine, the best products for this skin type are: 

Niacinamide Lotion 10%: Niacinamide is a B vitamin with powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It is often used as a secondary ingredient in skincare products, but Foundation Skincare’s Niacinamide Lotion 10% puts the ingredient front and center due to its ability to improve the skin barrier, control sebum production, minimize redness and fade hyperpigmentation. Niacinamide is also known to increase ceramides in skin, which are fats found on the outer layer of the skin that boost hydration and protect against environmental stressors. Niacinamide also helps to boost collagen production to maintain skin firmness and elasticity. If you have oily skin, niacinamide won’t just reduce shine and the risk of acne breakouts, but you may also notice your pores becoming smaller.

Azelaic Acid 14% Cream: Like niacinamide, azelaic acid also helps to minimize inflammation and unclog pores, which can help prevent acne breakouts so prevalent for those with oily skin. Produced by yeast in certain grains as well as the beneficial yeast on our skin, azelaic acid can also reduce excess oil by disrupting the link between hormonal changes and sebum production. Most over-the-counter azelaic acid products contain 10% or less of the active ingredient, which may not be enough to benefit skin. But Foundation Skincare’s Azelaic Acid 14% Cream is a medical-grade solution available without a prescription. In addition to reducing acne, the product also helps to fade hyperpigmentation and kill bacteria on the skin to prevent future breakouts.

For those with Dry Skin

Skin is especially dryer in colder weather thanks to outdoor winds and indoor heat. In addition to sunscreen, incorporate these skincare products into your routine to boost hydration:

Hyaluronic Acid Lotion: Hyaluronic acid is a powerful humectant, which means it seals moisture into the skin and hydrates on a deeper level for a vibrant complexion. This hydrating effect doesn’t mean you’ll appear shiny or oily though. Foundation Skincare’s Hyaluronic Acid Lotion is fast-absorbing and the product is formulated with shea butter and extracts of chamomile, green tea, and olive to leave skin dewy looking and plump. Like niacinamide, the product also restores the skin barrier with its potent antioxidant effects and assists the skin to heal.

Vitamin C Lotion 20%: Vitamin C in skincare is known to brighten skin and repair the effects of sun damage, but it can also help hydrate skin, especially in the form of ascorbic acid. Like niacinamide and hyaluronic acid, vitamin C is also an important defender of your skin barrier, helping to keep out toxins and keep moisture in while stimulating collagen for powerful anti-aging effects. Foundation Skincare’s Vitamin C Lotion 20% is formulated with a hydrating base and includes vitamin E for extra antioxidant support.

For those with Normal Skin

If your goal is simply to maintain a healthy, radiant complexion and you have no specific concerns, it’s helpful to incorporate nutrient-rich products into your routine. This includes products that protect from sun damage, protect the skin barrier, and keep skin hydrated and healthy. 

All of the products in the Foundation Skincare collection can be layered together with no risk of irritation. For normal skin, we recommend adding the following products into your routine: FS Hyaluronic Acid Lotion to maintain hydration, FS Niacinamide Lotion 10% to protect the skin barrier, FS Azelaic Acid 14% Cream to keep pores clear, and FS Vitamin C Lotion 20% for its anti-aging qualities and brightening effects. You may also want to consider taking a supplement to protect skin health from the inside out:

Spectrum: Combining plant-based antioxidants and key vitamins into one convenient capsule, Spectrum aims to fortify and protect optimal skin health by protecting against sun damage, replenishing skin cells, and maintaining collagen to slow down the signs of aging.

For those with Combination Skin

For most people with combination skin, their oily skin is isolated to their T zone, which includes the forehead, nose, and chin. The T zone has more oil glands, making it a common site for regular breakouts. This area can benefit from FS Niacinamide Lotion 10% to balance oil production and reduce inflammation, FS Hyaluronic Acid Lotion to keep skin hydrated, and FS Azelaic Acid 14% to unclog pores and destroy bacteria on skin. FS Vitamin C 20% can also be useful in protecting the skin barrier against environmental toxins. As stated above, all of the products in the Foundation Skincare collection can be layered together and layering is encouraged to gain the most benefit.

For those with Sensitive Skin

All of the products mentioned above can be used by all skin types, including sensitive skin, but some may have to be introduced gradually. For instance, if you’re planning to use Vitamin C Lotion 20%, which is recommended twice daily, you may want to use it in the morning every other day until your skin acclimates to the ingredient. The same approach is recommended for FS Azelaic Acid 14% Cream. Although the formula includes a hydrating base and is suitable for sensitive skin, you may want to build up to using azelaic acid to avoid irritation over the course of two to three weeks. 

FS Niacinamide Lotion 10% and FS Hyaluronic Acid Lotion are some of the most highly recommended products for sensitive skin. Both products hydrate and protect skin and have soothing anti-inflammatory properties. 

For those in Search for Anti-Aging Skincare

It can be difficult to choose an anti-aging skincare product when there are so many competing for your attention. While all the products in the Foundation Skincare collection have their own anti-aging qualities, there are two standouts: 

Night Renewal Cream with 2% Granactive Retinoid: Like tretinoin and retinol, Granactive Retinoid is a derivative of vitamin A which targets signs of aging and acne, and minimizes sun damage without irritating skin. Combining 2% Granactive Retinoid with essential peptide growth factors and plant-based botanicals, Foundation Skincare’s Night Renewal Cream is a powerful anti-aging product that helps to boost collagen production, soften lines and wrinkles, improve firmness, and boost elasticity. Granactive Retinoid also stimulates skin cell proliferation and turnover to improve skin texture and fade dark spots. 

Firming Neck Cream: When thinking of skincare, the neck is too often neglected, even though it is especially susceptible to signs of aging. Foundation Skincare’s Firming Neck Cream is dermatologist-formulated to treat the delicate skin of the neck and décolletage with advanced peptide growth factors and natural moisturizing agents. Providing retinoid-like results, with less irritation, FS Firming Neck Cream stimulates collagen production to help lift, strengthen, hydrate and firm loose, crepey skin.

Benefits of Customizable Skincare Routines

When the season changes, it may mean having to change up your skincare routine. Products that were once considered essential may not be cutting it any more. There’s no better time than now to focus on building a customizable skincare routine. 

Customizing your skincare routine would typically require a visit to your dermatologist, but Foundation Skincare’s dermatologist-formulated products deliver skincare solutions directly to you without the need for a prescription. Whether you’re dealing with acne, dull skin, hyperpigmentation, or premature aging, there’s a product specifically designed for your unique concerns and you’re able to target them from the inside out with a combination of topicals and supplements.

Skincare Tools & Devices

There are always new skincare tools and devices on the market, with new products trending every year. Some classics you may want to consider include: 

  • Facial ice roller: Helps to reduce reduce redness and swelling while increasing blood flow
  • Gua sha: Like facial ice rollers, gua sha can help increase blood flow and reduce swelling, but it is also associated with lymphatic drainage, which can promote more youthful skin
  • Eye massage tool: You should always be gentle around the delicate eye area, but a quality eye massage tool, like those made of jade, can help depuff tired eyes 
  • LED light therapy device: LED light therapy is said to stimulate collagen and reduce signs of premature aging

This year, make healthy and radiant skin a priority. Whether you're in search of skincare products or handy tools, we hope you’ve found a new favorite. And remember, when you purchase two or more items from the Foundation Skincare collection, you can save up to 20% off your order with our Plus Program. Contact us to find out more.

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