What is Niacinamide Lotion & How Does it Work?

What is Niacinamide Lotion & How Does it Work?

Niacinamide may not be the most well-known skincare ingredient, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worthy of attention. This restorative and repairing vitamin is the star of our Foundation Skincare Niacinamide Lotion 10%, and is an ingredient that virtually anyone can benefit from using. So exactly what is Niacinamide Lotion good for, and how can you work it into your routine? Here’s our guide on the key facts you need to know. 

What is Niacinamide Lotion?

Niacinamide is a B vitamin that’s frequently used in topical skincare formulas, even though you may not always be aware of its presence. It’s a multi-tasking ingredient with anti-inflammatory properties that targets a range of concerns, which we’ll talk about in more detail below. 

While niacinamide is commonly added to skincare solutions as a secondary ingredient, it’s often only found in lower concentrations (generally around 1 to 2%). Our Niacinamide Lotion, on the other hand, puts this ingredient front and center. The lotion is formulated with a 10% concentration of niacinamide, an optimal amount that allows this B vitamin to offer its full range of benefits without causing irritation. 

How Does it Work?

There are a few different ways in which niacinamide benefits the complexion. When applied topically, it increases the natural production of ceramides, which are fats found on the outer layer of the skin that improve skin barrier function and boost moisture levels.

Additionally, niacinamide helps build keratin and other proteins that help maintain skin firmness, elasticity, and strength. The anti-inflammatory ingredient also restores skin function by improving cellular energy production in the skin’s cells and helping with DNA repair. 

Top Benefits of Using Niacinamide Lotion in Your Skincare Routine

Now, let’s talk about what this all means for your complexion. Here are the key benefits of using niacinamide in your routine:

  • Controls Sebum Production: Niacinamide helps regulate the production of sebum, AKA your skin’s natural oil. This helps to not only reduce shine, but also minimizes the risk of pores becoming clogged. With less oil, the pores may also appear more refined.
  • Minimizes Redness and Inflammation: Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, niacinamide can minimize visible redness and inflammation from acne, eczema, and other inflammatory skin conditions for a complexion that looks and feels calm and comfortable. It may also fade redness related to newer acne scars for a more even skin tone. 
  • Fades and Prevents Pigmentation: This B vitamin blocks the transfer of melanin (AKA skin pigment) in the complexion, which can help minimize pigmentation to further encourage an even skin tone.  
  • Improves Moisture Retention: As mentioned, niacinamide boosts ceramide production, which helps improve the skin’s ability to retain moisture. This minimizes the risk of dry, flaky skin. 
  • Strengthens the Barrier: The increase in ceramide production also leads to improved skin barrier function. A healthy skin barrier is better able to defend itself against damaging environmental aggressors.
  • Beyond the benefits that the 10% concentration of niacinamide provides, additional ingredients in the Foundation Skincare Niacinamide Lotion further support skin health. This includes hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and ceramide NP, which hydrate and improve water retention, as well as organic aloe leaf juice, which calms the skin.

    Using Niacinamide Lotion in Your Routine

    Beyond being an effective multi-tasking ingredient, what’s particularly favorable about niacinamide is that it layers well with a variety of other skincare ingredients. Pair it with a vitamin C product (like the Foundation Skincare Vitamin C Lotion 20%) for an antioxidant-packed brightening boost, or a retinoid (like the Foundation Skincare Night Renewal Cream) for extra anti-aging support. 

    Our Niacinamide Lotion is formulated to be safe for all skin types, and can be used up to two times a day for optimal results. Given the vast range of concerns and skin health needs that niacinamide addresses, anyone can benefit from adding this skin-restoring lotion to their routine. 

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