UnTangled Hair Supplement & Hair Serum vs. Vegamour®

UnTangled Hair Supplement & Hair Serum vs. Vegamour®

If you’re looking to boost hair growth, there’s certainly no shortage of products available on the market. However, having a wealth of options makes picking the right formula for your needs a challenging task. 

We’re zeroing in on some of the best-selling hair growth treatments on the market. Let’s discuss the similarities and differences between the Foundation Skincare UnTangled Hair Supplement and Hair Serum (which can be used in tandem to achieve optimal results), as well as Vegemour’s GRO Hair Serum ®

UnTangled Hair Supplement & Hair Serum vs. Vegamour


The Foundation Skincare UnTangled Hair Supplement is crafted with clinically proven herbs, vitamins, minerals, and acids that nourish the hair follicles, help increase the production of keratin, and revitalize the hair growth cycle. With regular use, this dermatologist formulated solution works to promote stronger, denser hair. 

The Foundation Skincare Hair Serum (which is also dermatologist formulated) is a topical product that was made for men and women dealing with hair loss, thinning, or shedding that are looking for a Minoxidil-free hair growth remedy. It has been proven to stimulate the hair stem cells and root, helping to promote fuller and healthier hair. This solution also nourishes the hair cuticle to prevent breakage. 

Vegamour’s GRO Hair Serum® is also a topical solution. The clinically-tested formula is designed for women looking to reverse thinning hair, and uses the power of phyto-actives to soothe the scalp and revitalize the follicles to help improve hair density and reduce shedding. 

Ingredient Breakdown

The FS UnTangled Hair Supplement is made with ingredients that promote circulation and fortify the follicles, including vitamin C, marine collagen, horsetail extract, folic acid, and iron. Saw palmetto also helps reduce dihydrotestosterone (DHT, a hormone often tied to hair thinning), while vitamins A and E defend against free radical damage. Certain vitamins and minerals tied to hair loss (including biotin, iron, zinc, selenium, and vitamin D) are also included in the formula to target nutritional deficiencies.

The FS Hair Serum is powered by proven ingredients like Stimucap (which restores the hair follicles to prevent loss) and Capixyl (a complex of biomimetic peptide and red clover extract that stimulates growth and inhibits DHT). Saw palmetto also inhibits DHT, while apple stem cells nourish. 

The Vegamour hair serum is made with curcumin stem cell and red clover extracts, both of which work to block the negative effects of DHT. Copper-rich mung bean helps strengthen the follicles, while caffeine and biotin stimulate growth. 

How to Use Them

As is the case with any hair growth product, consistency is key. With the FS UnTangled Hair Supplement, you should take two capsules each day – ideally one in the morning and one in the evening.  

The FS Hair Serum should be applied to dry hair, ideally after shampooing but before applying other hair products. Apply the leave-in solution directly to the scalp, gently massaging in each drop as you go. It can be used twice a day (morning and night) for the best results. 

The Vegamour hair serum can be applied to either towel-dried or dry hair, and can be used once a day (either morning or night). Like the Foundation Skincare serum, this solution is designed to be gently massaged into the scalp. 


For the Foundation Skincare products, you can see results by using them on their own, but you can maximize your hair growth potential by using them in tandem. By doing so, you’re targeting hair loss, and improving overall hair and scalp health from all angles. With consistent use of both products, you can expect to begin seeing new growth around the 30 day mark, and achieve visibly fuller, stronger hair after 90 days. 

For the Vegamour hair serum, the company says that the solution can help you notice fuller hair after 90 days. The full results should be achieved after 120 days of using the solution consistently. 


Ultimately, all of these products are thoughtfully made with high-quality ingredients that can help support denser, stronger hair. Here’s a quick breakdown of the key similarities and differences. 

Foundation Skincare Untangled Hair Supplement and Hair Serum:

  • System targets hair loss internally and externally, working to nourish the follicles and give the body the building blocks needed for healthy growth. 
  • Designed for hair loss in both men and women.  
  • Visible results in approximately 30 days. 

Vegemour GRO Hair Serum®:

  • Addresses hair thinning externally by revitalizing follicles and soothing the scalp.
  • Targeted toward hair loss in women (but can still be used by men).
  • Visible results in approximately 90 days. 

One final factor to highlight is the price points, specifically between the two serums. The one-ounce Vegamour serum is offered at $58 ($58.00 per ounce), whereas the two-ounce Foundation Skincare serum is offered at $45 ($22.50 per ounce), which is a significantly lower price. 

When purchasing the UnTangled Essentials Kit (which includes two bottles of the Hair Serum and one bottle of the UnTangled Hair Supplement), you get even better savings on this powerful duo, and also get a holistic system that targets hair thinning from multiple angles for optimal hair growth. With this in mind, the dermatologist formulated Foundation Skincare products come out on top as far as financially feasible options for achieving and maintaining thicker and healthier hair in the long run. 

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