Night Renewal Cream: Elevate Your Skincare Regime With Granactive™

Night Renewal Cream: Elevate Your Skincare Regime With Granactive™

Some of the best night creams on the market are made using the power of Granactive™ – a next-generation retinoid. This ingredient provides the same benefits as other retinoids, but was expertly designed to be gentler on the skin so that there’s a lower risk of irritation. Once you work this retinoid into your regular skincare regime, you’ll be on your way to achieving and maintaining a firm, youthful, and clear complexion. 

What is Granactive™?

Granactive Retinoid (AKA hydroxypinacolone retinoate) is a derivative of vitamin A that is in the same family as other synthetic and natural vitamin A derivatives, such as tretinoin and retinol. This non-prescription retinoid is one of the most bioavailable options compared to other derivatives. This means that once it hits the skin, it is able to work quickly and effectively to provide the most optimal effects. 

Like other retinoids, Granactive Retinoid targets signs of aging and acne, and can also minimize sun damage. However, what makes it a cut above the rest is that it’s proven to be less irritating.1 This means there’s a lower risk of experiencing the dryness, redness, flakiness, and other forms of skin aggravation often associated with prescription retinoids. 

How Does It Work?

Granactive Retinoid is able to renew the complexion by stimulating skin cell proliferation and turnover. Skin cell proliferation helps restore thickness to the skin, which becomes thinner and less elastic as we age. 

On the other hand, skin cell turnover has to do with shedding old dead skin cells and replacing them with newer, fresher skin cells. Our natural skin cell turnover process slows down over the years. By stimulating this process, Granactive helps keep the complexion looking younger-looking and radiant, while also helping to prevent clogged pores. 

Additionally, Granactive Retinoid works by reducing the breakdown of collagen. This protein plays a major role in maintaining youthful skin, but our body produces less as we get older. By supporting existing collagen and increasing the natural production of this protein, the retinoid is able to both minimize and prevent signs of aging. 

Benefits of Implementing the Night Renewal Cream into Your Skincare Regime

If you’re trying to figure out what night cream is the best for your evening routine, we suggest taking a look at the multi-tasking Foundation Skincare Night Renewal Cream. Powered in part by a 2% concentration of Granactive Retinoid, this night cream addresses common skin concerns and provides a range of benefits, including the following:

  • Targets Multiple Signs of Aging: This night cream contains essential peptides and Granactive Retinoid, which work together to boost collagen production, helping to soften lines and wrinkles, improve firmness, and boost elasticity. 
  • Fades Dark Spots and Hyperpigmentation: Thanks to its ability to increase skin cell turnover, the Granactive Retinoid works to fade dark spots and hyperpigmentation for a more even skin tone. 
  • Improves Texture: By replacing old skin cells with fresher ones, Granactive Retinoid is able to target texture irregularities for a smoother complexion. 
  • Minimizes Blemishes: The retinoid helps prevent acne by shedding dead skin cells that could otherwise clog pores. 
  • Hydrates: This formula uses ingredients like shea butter, sodium hyaluronate, and aloe vera leaf juice to provide the skin with much-needed hydration for optimal comfort and health. 

  • Upgrade Your Routine with Granactive™

    The world of retinoids has changed dramatically since Granactive was introduced to the market, and we can happily say goodbye to the irritation and dryness associated with traditional retinoids. If you’re looking to get the benefits of retinoids without the negative side effects, try adding Granactive to your regime. 

    What To Use It With

    The Foundation Skincare Night Renewal Cream should be used in the evening. To start, we suggest cleansing and applying the FS Niacinamide Lotion 10% to both calm the skin and contribute to DNA repair. Follow by moisturizing with the Night Renewal Cream and continue hydrating your skin by ending with the FS Hyaluronic Acid

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